About Stempelglede
About Stempelglede

Brand Name and Home Based Business

Stempelglede is a home based business run by Gunhild Johanne Gjessing Bay (me) and a brand name for my rubber stamp line. I am also the designer of the Stempelglede rubber stamp line. The name Stempelglede is made by the combination of two Norwegian words meaning ‘Rubber Stamp’ and ‘Joy’. Stempelglede rubber stamps are high quality and very detailed. The designs are unique and vintage style.

I am selling my stamps to customers all over the world. Please note that sometimes when working on designing new rubber stamps I am unable to take orders. You will always find information on current opening times on the page 'Home'.

About the Designer

Hello! My name is Gunhild Johanne Gjessing Bay. Thank you for visiting Stempelglede's webpage!

I used to work as a decorator/window dresser, but I had to leave my job due to chronic illness. In 2004 I started designing rubber stamps, just for personal use, but after receiving many requests for information about where to buy the stamps, I started my own home based small business, selling my line of stamps. I love everything that is vintage style and shabby, and most of my stamp designs are also vintage style.

Her blir Stempelglede-motivene til

Designing rubber stamps is a passion for me, so I truly enjoy working with every design. I hope the designs can bring joy to you when you are using them in your projects! Please visit my personal blog if you like, and leave a comment if you would like me to visit yours:

Stempelglede's Design Team

I am so lucky to have the help of 10 amazing designers creating the most beautiful projects using Stempelglede rubber stamps! Please come visit the blog to see their work! Stempelglede Design Team Blog